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Learn to spot scams and get computer, phone & tablet support.

We all get calls, emails and texts that may compromise our financial and tech security. And if you do get scammed, now what?

Hi. We're Near. We'll teach you how to identify and avoid scams as well as other tech tips. We can also help you set up a new device, file organization, and all email, text, and photo questions on your computer or smartphone.

Learn to outsmart scams.
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We'll help you learn:


Learn the best ways to compose and send correspondence, attach and download files, even manage mailboxes.


Learn how to install and use password managers, identify scams at a glance and much more


Get setup and use Uber, Lyft, and Curb, plus tips and tricks to get the most out of maps on your phone

File organization

Organizing = yuck! Learn quick tips
to manage files, folders, photos and documents on any device or the cloud.

Fun entertainment

Ready to cut the cord? We'll show you how to stream your favorite content and listen to music online

Social media

Get setup and use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Zoom, Whatsapp, and FaceTime

get a private coaching

Learn one-on-one with a friendly, private tech coach

Bring a few things you would like to learn or pick from our 'Hot Topics Menu’ - our Near Neighbor will design a productive session and then put together a step-by-step guide you can print out for future reference.

attend online courses

Attend an online course

We offer a wide range of courses like file and email organization, data protection, even ChatGPT. Our sessions are fun and easy to follow, and designed to empower you to be your own tech support.

Check out our online courses

Stay in the Know
What's Up with AI

Stay informed on latest AI trends like Chat GPT & Dall-E in this fun class

File Organization
Digital File Organization

Designed to help you organize and manage your digital documents.

Online Security
Data Protection and Security Basics

How to safeguard your personal information and accounts from cyber threats

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Meet our Near Neighbors

Don D.
Chicago, IL
since 2022
John B.
Evanston, IL
since 2023
Monica H.
Chicago, IL
since 2022
Morgan Y.
Chicago, IL
since 2021

Check out what our clients have to say

Near solved my problems and didn't make me feel like a blithering idiot.

Molly G.
Evanston, IL.

Patience and obviously committed to solving the problem.

Martha J.
Evanston, IL

Whoever expected to have fun with a computer guide?

Leota E.
Evanston, IL

Good listener! Patient! Clear directions!

Claire S.
Evanston, IL
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